Artist Interview: MØ

MØ is a Danish electro-pop singer-songwriter who recently released her debut album, No Mythologies to Follow. She also created an exclusive playlist of her favorite songs for Music Unlimited. Listehere.

MØ is not only an amazing electropop singer and performer, she used to be a fanatical gamer too. Growing up in Denmark she spent hours playing games on her brother’s computer. The one she remembers most vividly was called Diablo. “It was all about strategic fantasy shooting, role playing and magic. It was like World of Warcraft but in the ‘90s. I used to fight with a bow-carrying Amazonian girl — all the other characters were boys.”

Born Karen Marie Ørsted, MØ has a real life thing for tough, independent women. If she could create a fantasy character, the 25-year-old performer says, it would be an extreme fighting, kickboxing girl. “She will have robot body parts and she will fight with crazy moves and weird sound effects,” MØ says.

MØ has been inspired by powerful women throughout her life: The Spice Girls inspired her to become a pop star and contemporary female artists who communicate positive messages via music keep her motivated. She has an image of the Russian band Pussy Riot tattooed on her arm.

“Politics should not be the reason people make music,” MØ says. “But if you have fans it would be stupid not to use this for something good. Never tell people what they should be or do, but if you can spread a good message you should.”

Her stage name MØ translates to “maiden,” a young inexperienced girl. “My name is chosen ironically because my songs are all about discovering yourself during puberty, however long that may take. These days children become mature at a very early age, while grownups stay young for as long as possible. This is the time of your life when you have all these different emotions running through your body and you want to experience new things.”

Mø says she transformed her teenage emotions into songs to help her through difficult times, while others may find comfort in gaming. She recorded the vocals for No Mythologies to Follow in her childhood bedroom because she wanted the songs to sound like they came directly from her heart. “The biggest thing you can give your audience is to be truthful and deliver your stories from your soul with the same passion that you had while recording them.”

Written by: Martine Bakker


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