Eurosonic/Noorderslag presents: EBBA 2014

These talented European artists were noticed outside of their save homebases last year.  These preformers inspired other countries with their unique European sounds. The 11th edition of the European Border Breaking Awards was hosted by Jools Holland, who playfully used the piano to create a happy ambiance in De Oosterpoort in Groningen, and made the audience laugh with his British jokes. Caro Emerald en Maria Mena (previous EBBA winners) were singing songs in front of a virtual fire place to set a cosy tone. Somewhere behind tall Dutch men and bold heads, I was absorbing the tunes of these (upcoming) talents.

Ásgeir from Iceland
This young, icy singer-songwriter sold his album to almost every habitant of Iceland. With his folktronica sound and translated to English, poetic lyrics (thanks for that) he will melt every ice cold heart.

Disclosure from United Kingdom
Who didn’t hear of these English dance brothers, has been walking around with permanent earplugs. These boys became so successful that they were too busy preform at the award show! The attitude of temporary stars. Thankfully one of my 2013 highlights was a claustrophobic, breathless jump session during When a fire starts to burn at Lowlands.

Gugabriel from Austria
With her beautiful mesmerizing voice, she’ll silence big audiences. You can feel her classical background and this talented redhead can play almost any instrument. The switch between her high and low voice, will definitely surprise you.

Icona Pop from Sweden
These two nineties bitches, with their indie-popish, electrohouse style, have reached many ears with their happy, sing-a-long song: I love it. We can expect many more catchy tunes from these talented ladies.

Jacco Gardner from The Netherlands
This multi-instrumentalistic Dutchie with the perfect hairdo for head-banging, is the creator of beautiful, dreamy pop tunes with a raw psychedelic layer. He combines classical instruments with a baroque character. I was very proud of my roots watching him representing The Netherlands.

Kodaline from Ireland
Last year these Irish boys were already performing at Eurosonic with their melancholic popsongs. This year they are voted as winners of all winners.  All I want is absolutely stunning and I guarantee you, if you tune into a random American soap opera, and you will hear the emotional tunes.. you will be drag you into the plot. Just because of Kodaline. 

Lukas Graham from Denmark
The combination of his marvelous voice, the classical base and the inspiring love you life wiseness were a great show opener.  When he started singing about getting drunk, the crowd was inspired to buy more beer. This soulful, funky, hiphop performer is definitely one to watch. 

Nico & Vinz form Norway
These boys with swag created the perfect example for Norwegian hip-hop. Their songs are catchy and their moves are making everyone in the audience swing along.

Woodkid from France
My favorite artist of this moment, and ultimate devastation when I found out he didn’t have the time to visit the show. This artist will grow sky-high, with his visual collaborations with for example Lana Del Rey. His videos are raw, dark, filmish and ethic. His songs with make your heart beat faster. My winner!

Zedd from Germany
This producer mixed with a diversity of famous artists like Lady Gaga. He was responsible for her latest album as well. His song clarity has been represented in the charts for a while now. Playful, rememberable, electronic sounds with a complex uniqueness.