Wifey’s world tour


7 Voice (she lost it because of a cold!)
9 Crowd vibe
7 Independent women
9 Single ladies movement

Last Friday night I went to see my all-time favourite childhood idol Beyoncé at the O2 arena  in Greenwich. I was thrilled by the idea of dancing along to ‘All the single ladies’ whilst twisting my wrists in the air and point at my fingers and to run around while making weird leg moves and screaming: ‘Who run the world.. GIRLS! Ya’all should know, I used to be… and still am a major Queen Bee fan.

And that was what the show was all about, (independent) women creating a brilliant show together. (And naming the show after your husband is just a little non feministic detail). All the band members were beautiful, talented female musicians that rocked guitars that spat fireworks and that drummed like there was no tomorrow. There were also three beautiful, big women in really tight dresses that were representing women around the world that aren’t size 0 (well that is what I think the message was) and they were nice and cosily called ‘The Mama’s’ (I am not so sure about the image this creates, but well). They had mind-blowing voices though. Besides all these women, there were two male dancers (twins with massive afros) for a little bit of identical testosterone on stage.

The show was amazing. She changed outfits a billion times (including some on her H&M collection inspired swimsuits, I mean that was just a tiny marketing trick, no biggy), she flew around the audience accompanied by glitter and fire and she gave her fans a remix of all her most famous songs including her latest tune ‘Grown Woman’ (aka Pepsi commercial). There were amazing visuals and short films with loads of different vibes (scary, freaky, happiness, romance) and American inspiring messages (we are all equal and you can all make it in life!) that entertained the crowd while she was changing her outfits. Musical intermezzos, guitar solos and stunning dance performances were interacting with the visuals.

Unfortunately, when she was talking to the audience, it sounded like she’d lost her voice, but the show was thankfully not affected by that. (It did give me a flash back to her Obama inauguration lip dub performance, but nevertheless she is a great dancer and performer so I didn’t feel too insulted by her lip dubbing around). I was a bit sad that she didn’t sing ‘Listen’ which according to the preforming schedule she should have, but she sang a little ode to Whitney Houston with ‘I will always love you’, (where the crowd helped her out at the high notes).

Conclusion: I still love Beyoncé, I am super excited I saw her life for the first time and even though she couldn’t reach the high notes (she just felt a bit poorly, she is human after all.. give her a break!) and the too much over the top feministic signs and symbols in combination with all the too obvious branding the companies she is the face of.. I loved her show. She is one of the best performers/entertainers I have ever seen. And she is just totally right. Girls do run the world.

Beyoncé – The O2 Arena, North Greenwich, London
(The Miss Carter World Tour)